Morph TV APK | Download Latest Version 1.78 Morph TV on Android

Watch your favorite movies and web flicks on the Morph TV app which is the clone of our beloved and most popular video streaming app Morpheus tv apk. The morph tv apk latest version provides you the complete new horizon of opportunity to watch your favorite shows, episodes, movies and everything that is possible to stream. It has become the successor of the Morpheus tv app quite fantastically.

App NameMorph TV
File Size28.3 MB
Latest Versionv1.74
Android Version Requires5.0 and up
DevelopersMorph TV
Active Installs10 Millions +
Content RatingRated for 12+

The content on this app is by far the best as it is provided from the top of the game service providers in video content platforms. With such sources for content, you are not going to get bored seriously. So just let’s start with a morph tv app review and discover this truly awesome app.

What is Morph TV APK?

Basically, morph tv apk is an online video content streaming app that provides you with the number of latest movies, newest tv shows, and web series and fresh animes all at once. That too! without any subscription and charges. You don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

morph tv apk features

This app streams the content from different servers to your device directly. But you will have to bear the ads in between the app. These are not annoying as you may think but need not worry it will not get you frustrated. This is a win-win situation as you get content and they get paid through ads. 

Currently, if a morph tv app not installed on your device then read out this article to get a better understanding of this app and also you get the know-how to download latest morph tv apk as well.

Features of morph tv app apk:

Before heading on to the morph tv app download for android devices let’s take a quick look at the amazing features of morph tv. This will help you to decide will it be better to download this app or not. So starting with features,

  1. Huge Video Database: Morph Tv surely has the largest quantity of data available to view from various different sources. This gives you a wide range of content to choose from. Right from the latest movies and TV shows to web series. All you want is available here from various different genres and languages to geographic regions. Everything sorted and easily accessible.
  2. Clean and Smooth UI: The UI of this app is clean and easy to operate. Every content details are easily visible and you can navigate across the app smoothly. Finding content is easy as well. No need to shuffle around unnecessary content you can find your content easily. With smooth surfing, it also helps in-app experience which is no lags.
  3. Downloading Content: You can not only watch but also can download movies and stuff for free here to view it later when the network won’t be available or you may be traveling and the network will be fluctuating. Also, there is a feature to share those downloaded files or to say videos with your friends and family. This makes it cool and useful too. As you can transfer the videos from one device to another like on your PC to watch it on a big screen. To mention, morph tv on PC is also available which we will discuss further in the article.
  4. Inbuilt video player: Morph Tv app for Android also has its own video player to watch. You don’t need to download any other video player for the same but if you want to see the videos in any other video player you can also switch the player. 
  5. Subtitles and IMDB ratings: Morph tv has this unique feature where subtitles for the videos are provided online and also you can see the ratings of movies and shows with few details to explain what the movie is about. In short, it’s a small description of the movie. Thus, it helps in choosing the movie to watch. There are also trailers of the movie available before you watch it, this avoids time wastage on the movie. 
  6. Screencast: Another amazing feature is the screencast. Some people may call it a mirror, chrome cast, etc. It’s basically useful for casting your app on the big screen of your android tv. Saying of which, morph tv apk for smart tv also available you can have it from here itself. Speaking of tv we also have morph tv apk for Android tv boxes.

So, these are the few of many features of the morph tv which you would likely be going to see once you download the morph tv apk. 

How do I download Morph TV apk?

Morph tv app is not available on any app store. It is a third-party app but it’s completely safe and secure. You need not worry about the security of your data. The other thing is if not app stores then where to get this app? As your well-wishers, we would like to present to you the morph tv apk url right here. We have given morph tv apk download link. The below link will take you to the apk file of this app directly. Choose as per your version requirements. To mention, morph tv apk free download is available here.

download morph tv v1.78 apk

Link here—

download morph tv v1.74 apk

Link here—

download morph tv v1.72 apk

Link here—

Installing Morph Tv apk

The installation of a morph tv app is easy once you know the key tricks involved. However, the process differs as per the operating system of the devices. But need not worry all the major installations are process are given below.

  1. Morph Tv apk for Android: First of all download the morph tv apk for Android from the links above. Store that file in your device in which you want to install. From your mobile settings go to app settings and enable the unknown sources to allow the third-party app installations. Now see the next process.
  2. Open your file manager on the Android mobile. Find the downloaded morph tv apk file in it.  
  3. Next, click on the file and you will see the installation pop up. Tap on install now and the process will kick start. 
  4. Further, you will be requested to allow the permissions. Allow them and it will start installation instantly.
  5. A few seconds later the morph tv apk will be installed successfully in your android device.

From the home screen, you can open this app now and have fun. This above process is quite common for all android based devices. You should be well known to it to install it on other devices.

Morph Tv apk for Firestick:

The process for installing morph tv apk on firestick is the same as above only the difference will be you will have to download the apk file in it or transfer the file in your firestick. Also, to permit the installation of the third-party app you need to change the permissions from the app settings of the device. You can go here to download morph tv apk for firestick.

Morph tv apk for PC:

Morph tv apk on windows 10 is a dream to have. Watching the videos on a large screen is awesome. To have this, you will have to download the Android Emulator on your PC first. The BlueStacks Emulator is our recommendation for you. Further, the installation is similar to the android phone. As the emulator is an Android app runner. You can download morph tv for PC here.

Morph tv apk for Android TV: 

Well, this is the easiest installation and similar to your mobile phone installation. Just download the app in your android tv directly or transfer it in your android tv externally. Then follow the above android installation process. It is done. Download morph tv for Android tv by clicking here.

How do I install Morph TV on Android?

Installing morph tv apk on android is quite simple and the procedure for the same is given above already just look into it for more details. The process varies as per the device you have and the platform on which your device works. Another thing is for iPhone users is morph tv for iOS is not available you will have to look in to morph tv alternatives which are available. We will provide them shortly to you once we use them ourselves as we like to provide the best of the best apps for you. 

What peoples ask frequently:

How to download Morph tv apk on firestick?

Similar to what you do to download morph tv apk on android you can do the same to get morph tv apk on firestick. As firestick is an Android-based device, you just need to download the apk file of morph tv in it or transfer it in the firestick. 

Further, just find and click on the apk file in it. The installation will start instantly. Next, the step is to allow the permissions to the app as asked for. And, it’s completed with a blink of an eye. Simple! Go back to your home screen of firestick, find the morph tv icon it and start enjoying it. 

What is the latest version of Morph TV

The developers of morphtv keep updating this app constantly. This is the reason that many versions of morphTV App are available. And, because of this, it becomes difficult for the user to choose the right version. Because they don’t know which latest version of morphtv is running now.

So let me tell you friends, morph tv apk v1.78 is most the advanced version of morph tv which you can download from this website. The link for the same is given above already.

How does Morph TV work?

Morph tv works on the simple principle of streaming. It just streams via there severs. The content is acquired from the source platforms and then distributed through there servers by multiple viewing on single bandwidth. Nowadays, IPTV services are working in these similar structures of technology. It is safe as well. Better to mention it before you start doubting the app security.

Can you get Morph TV on Roku?

Yes, you can enjoy MorphTV on Roku device just like a firestick device. You just have to transfer the downloaded morph tv apk file in it or download it in Roku directly. Then further, the installation will be the same as morphtv app for firestick

Firstly, you will have to enable unknown sources from app settings, then go directly to install the morphtv app directly by clicking on it. It is that simple! Also, to watch the video content on your Roku will be great fun. Mention below if you had installed it on your Roku and share your experiences.

Does Morph TV still work?

Sure it does! Due to the recent popularization of this app, the morph tv apk clones were made to a great extent. But currently, those are banned completely. However there might be issues involved with our very own original app but mostly those are – morph tv app not working, morph tv app not finding sources, etc. These problems are due to servers and one can resolve them easily just by switching between the servers of the content being watched.

Final Verdict:

Morph tv apk is the best-known clone of the. Morpheus Tv. Of which you might have already known or had even used it before. The morph tv app download is given above for you. Check if you have might miss it or scroll down directly without reading the article. The feature-rich morph tv app is surely something to have in your device. You can’t get any better app than this in the streaming niche. There are other apps too but morph tv app stands out clearly. Thanks for being with me until here. Hope you found this helpful. If you still have doubts or morph tv apk not working on your device then contact us for further details.